Olaf Engvig, author, maritime historian, lecturer, coastal skipper, ship restorer and preserver.   Legends in Sail - Olaf T. Engvig's latest maritime history book. Legends in Sail

Olaf Engvig's latest maritime history book in English is Legends in Sail, where you can learn about great sailing ships and the sailors behind them.

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Olaf T. Engvig: author, maritime historian, lecturer, coastal skipper, ship restorer and preserver.
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Olaf T. Engvig. Olaf T. Engvig, originally from Rissa, Norway, is internationally known for his lifelong commitment to saving and protecting historic boats and ships. He has received numerous grants and quite a few special awards for his ship preservation accomplishments, including the Saint Olaf's Medal from King Olav V of Norway and the Gold Medal of Merit from King Harald V of Norway for his work saving and restoring historic vessels.

Legends in Sail
Legends in Sail by Olaf T. Engvig. NEW book in English
For the first time, the stories of some of the world's most famous ships are published in English. The memory of Norway's great days in sail has faded due to language issues. Almost none of this information has been available internationally, until now.

Legends in Sail is a beautifully illustrated book detailing the history of legendary ships whose reputation will live forever. They traveled worldwide, and gained fame for many reasons. Education, expeditions, film and adventure are key words in their saga. They set unbeatable records and helped discover the last unmapped areas of the planet. Even to this day they inspire all who seek challenges and new exciting adventures.

We invite you to learn more about Legends in Sail, Olaf T. Engvig's latest book about sailing ships and maritime history.

Viking to Victorian: Exploring the Use of Iron in Ship Building. Be sure to see information on all of Olaf Engvig's publications, and see details about his previous book, Viking to Victorian: Exploring the Use of Iron in Ship Building. This book details how wrought iron was used in Norwegian Viking ships, as well as ships built from iron, such as the STAR OF INDIA, S/S HANSTEEN, FALLS OF CLYDE, ELISSA, AF CHAPMAN and many other vessels of importance to maritime history and shipbuilding.

This volume on ship building also includes an exciting account of Engvig's square sailing in his Viking longboat HITRA across the North Sea, navigating as the Vikings did, without modern navigational instruments. Additionally, he explores various other aspects of iron ship preservation of special interest, especially now that TITANIC's iron rivets are discussed among maritime history buffs. Engvig sheds light on the use of Viking gilden vanes and that the Vikings set up shipyards in America a thousand years ago.

Learn more about "Viking to Victorian: Exploring the Use of Iron in Ship Building", and read reviews from maritime and book experts.

Olaf Engvig has a Cand. Philol. (graduate) degree in Maritime History from the University of Oslo. In addition, he
  • has a CMAS 1st Class scuba diving certificate;
  • has a US Army OGMS rocket specialist education;
  • is a RNoAF lieutenant (retired);
  • has a graduate Degree in maritime history and a master mariners license;
  • is an experienced square sailor; and
  • has written several books and many articles.
Olaf Engvig currently resides in Southern California with his family.

Olaf T. Engvig   1451 Lomita Blvd. #4   Harbor City, CA 90710
Voice/Fax: 310.257.8443     olafengvig@earthlink.net

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